10 Tips to get Featured on TikTok in 2018

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TikTok is something you probably never heard of but if that’s the case then why you want to get featured on TikTok? Just kidding, I know you are well aware of it and you might be using it for a while at least a couple of days. But in case you want to learn more about TikTok in detail then you should definitely check out our all articles.

How to get crowned on TikTok in 2018

You might be wondering how much TikTok is popular worldwide, do people really use it? it is a pretty good question to think about and I also wanted to know it as well. So, what I did, I started digging and found that TikTok gathered 90 Million users in July 2016 which was a huge number and I am writing this post in October 2017. So now we can assume that it should be holding a user base of 1.5 billion people at least.

Before we jump to our exclusive Tips let’s first understand how it actually works?

TikTok is a free video social network and it is getting famous in various countries. Each country has its own dedicated team which monitors all the TikTok and feature good content to keep TikTok interesting. Their job is to share amazing content in the community which will entertain the audience and hey, after all, it is an entertainment social hub.

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How to get featured on TikTok?

Enough talk about the environment, let’s dive into the main topic in which you are extremely interested.

Some of you might be trying to post a great TikTok daily but didn’t have enough luck to get featured on TikTok.You might be cursing their algorithm or their team who features other’s TikTok except you.

Well, this isn’t exactly what happens. Let me help you regarding this and I promise I will try my best to keep it simple.

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10 Tips to get Featured on TikTok in 2017 (#7 is Must)



#Tip 1 – Post TikTok videos at least once a day

I know most of you will ask that hey I post daily but never got featured. I understand what you want to say but the point here is, but see there are around 12 Million TikToks are getting posted daily. The more you post the more chances you will have to get featured on TikTok.


#Tip 2 – Quality over Quantity

No need to push 10’s of videos daily. you will never get featured on TikTok if you post boring and simple videos. Take your time, choose a perfect music and post a masterpiece.


#Tip 3 – Use Trending Hashtags

TikTok usually features video based on their trending #Hashtags. Try to post on such hashtags and your chances to get featured will automatically increase. To see their trending #hashtags you can click on the search button in the bottom bar of the app. There you will get a complete list of trending #Hashtags.

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#Tip 4 – Explore your area of expertise

We all are different and we have different qualities. Some of you are good in acting, some are good in dancing. Luckily, TikTok has all the major categories covered.

  • You can post Lip Sync video just like Dubsmash.
  • Dancing video has its own world
  • Who doesn’t wants to laugh? you should try comedy video also
  • and even if you are good in transitions then you can post it too. but just make it smooth and entertaining.

Always post in the category where you can do your best.

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#Tip 5 – Maintain your video quality

I understand you might not have a good camera on your smartphone but I am pretty sure that if you shoot in daylight then the result will be much better as compared to night video shooting. Always make good looking videos which don’t have background grain noise. This may not be a major point but yes it can help you for sure when it comes to getting featured on TikTok.


#Tip 6 – Watch other Musers

See how many of transitions you invented by yourself? you have seen it somewhere, exactly. You should always keep watching other talented Musers so that you can get inspired and post amazing TikTok videos. and trust me watching good TikTok videos is kind of fun, you will really enjoy it.

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#Tip 7 – Collab with other Musers

The collaboration will always boost your profile. Just for a real-life example, if you watch youtube, there are plenty of full-time YouTubers who collab just to make awesome content which later brings them new followers and appraisal. And networking is really beneficial if you ask me. I have seen hundreds of TikTok videos which got featured because of collaboration.

That’s enough talk about on collab but in case you want to learn more about the importance of collaboration then you should read this article posted on Sandler.


#Tip 8 – Choose a good Music

Choosing a good music for your TikTok is very crucial. I know I am talking about it in the last but hey you want to know all of these 10 rights. So bear with me and keep reading until I finish. There are various soundtracks available in the TikTok library but you have to be careful. I have seen people who use their own soundtrack just to make a pure gem. If you have a music in your Smartphone library which you think will get you to the feature board then don’t think twice. Use it!


#Tip 9 – Creativity has weight

Everybody talks about creativity but only a few people understand its importance. If you have created something mind blowing which nobody has seen before then the chances of getting featured on TikTok is much higher than a simple lip sync video. Always keep working on unique ideas. Always use props in your TikTok to make it more interesting and appealing.

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#Tip 10 – Spread Positive Vibes

I won’t be talking about this but I have experienced it personally in TikTok. I believe that If a TikTok has some kind of positivity and happiness then it has higher chances to get featured. This is a not a topic on which I should say much but I just wanted to let you know. Keep spreading positivity through your TikTok and people who comment on your video will force TikTok team to feature you.





So, This is it in this article. I hope you enjoyed reading my experience and top 10 tips using which you can get featured on TikTok and I believe if you implement this then soon you will see yourself there. Don’t forget to drop a comment if you want to add a point.

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Written by Pooja

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