#1MAuditionUS – One Million Audtion United States 2018

Everything you need to know to compete in One Million Audition US

Hello Peeps! We are back again with another 1MAuditionUS.

Are you Excited?

Time to rock again in this audition. Only a couple of day is left for the One Million Audition which is going to happen in the United States.

Keep reading to know everything about #1MAuditionUS, a complete guide to master all the important announcements and rules for the audition.

Join and Win in #1MAuditionUS
Join and Win in #1MAuditionUS

What exactly is One Million Program?

The 1Million Program is an initiative created by TikTok to discover and highlight creators on the platform. Through this program, TikTok hopes to incubate emerging talent on the platform and provide them with the tools to grow their influence and share their creativity with the world. The 1Million US Audition will focus on 5 categories, and prompt participants to join by submitting their audition videos under one or multiple categories for their chance to win.

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#Share And Win

I am writing this update on 29th March 2018. Still, 2 days are left for the real #1MAuditionUS. Till then it is the time to aware people who live in the United States.

TikTok will be giving TikTok official merchandise and brand new iPhone X to random people.

What to do to get eligible for this #ShareAndWin event?



You have to share their banner or videos on your Social Media. Social networks that you should use for this event are:

  • Instagram Post, Story
  • Twitter Tweet
  • Facebook Post

Don’t forget to tag Official TikTok account and use hashtag #ShareAndWin and #1MAuditionUS. There will be thousands of people who will participate in #ShareandWin and 1MAuditionUS event. Try to stand out. Good Luck!



How to get Featured on TikTok during #1MAuditionUS


This contest is only for people and musers who live in the United States and same is selected as their region. People from other countries are not eligible and hence won’t get rewards.

Only for the United States
Only for the United States



TikTok choose 5 categories for their 1 Million program. For this #1MAuditionUS, they have selected these 5 Categories:

  1. Prank
  2. Comedy
  3. Skill
  4. Dance
  5. Music
#1MAuditionUS - One Million Audition Program for United States March 2018
1MAuditionUS – One Million Audition Program for the United States March 2018

Make sure that you post videos under only these 5 categories. Videos with a unique concept and higher entertainment value will be selected.

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TikTok official team will be giving the prize to all the winners who will win this 1MAuditionUS.

Top 1000s will be select as winners and will be awarded prize respectively according to their ranking.

Winners will be divided into 5 categories.

  • Top 5               [USD 2500]
  • Top 6-30          [USD 1000]
  • Top 31-100      [USD 800]
  • Top 101-200    [USD 300]
  • Top 201-1000  [Amazon Gift Card]

This is the announced prize chart that TikTok has mentioned on their official website.



Like recent #1MAuditionIndia, TikTok US has divided whole #1MAuditionUS program into 2 rounds.

Round 1 (From March 30th – April 10th)

Anyone who lives in the United States can participate in this round. The user has to post in given 5 categories.

Round 2 (From April 12th – April 16th)

Musers who got selected in Round 1 will participate in this Round.

Note: Ranking will be done on the basis of creator score.

Get Featured during #1MAuditionUS

There will be thousands of entries and hundreds of people will participate in this audition. To stand out you need to get more exposure. This is the right time to get real exposure via our Special #1MAudition Promotional Program where we will promote your profile on our website, Social Networks, Youtube for just $10.

Getting such huge exposure during this crowded event will surely help you in getting more likes, better creator score and you can also get Featured if your content is good.

#1MAuditionUS Promotional Program


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