2 TikTok updates you will love in the new version (Don’t skip no 2) new updates that you will love the most do not skip No 2

TikTok is updating day by day most of the muser didn’t like the new version of TikTok as you dont have Lively App now you can go directly live from the TikTok. you will miss older filters of TikTok and many other things. Here are 2 TikTok updates you will love in the new version.

  1. QR Code

QR(Quick Response ) code consists of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background. Every person has different QR Code. you dont need to search the username of any muser. If you have QR code then you can just directly add them.

2 TikTok updates you will love in the new version


you just need to only 2 steps to get your Qr code.

  1. Click on the setting button on top of right on your TikTok Profile.
  2. You will get an option in which one is My QR Code. click and your QR Code will be on display.


  2. Pause Song

In older versions of TikTok When you made videos you have to think who will pause the video in between the videos. some people used Assistive touch and some asked for the help. But in the new update, you can pause your video by yourself not even touching the phone. Yes, you heard right.


Now you can make more #Spinningtranformation, #Diditagainchallenge,  #filtermakeover and many other videos.



You can pause the song while making the videos.

  1. Just shoot the first 2-3 second of video then click on the song and you get this screen.

 2. Click on the song and choose the section of the song where you want to pause. Click and you will be notified that your song will be a pause here.


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