5 TikTok Myths that you need to stop believing RIGHT NOW!

We are living in a world where people talk about almost everything. Some people just love to share rumors and fake things with their friends. Recently one of our community asked something that we didn’t encounter before. So, we thought why not make a list of 5 TikTok myths that people believe in and they need to know that these are totally false statements.

#1 You need a crown to become famous on

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Crown has nothing to do with your popularity. Actually, having a crown has its own perk but it contributes only a few percent to your overall popularity.

There are hundreds of Musers who are very popular but don't hold the crown. However, a crown can help you in getting more exposure and attention.

    #2 You need at-least one badge to get the crown

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    Badges have nothing to do with the crown. The badge represents your talent on a specific category and crown represents that you are a great muser. 

    There are multiple users who don't have any badge but are crowned musers so don't lose hope.

    We already published an article on easy badges that you can earn with fewer efforts.

      #3 A Muser can have 6 Badges

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      We don't disagree with the agreement but it is not completely true. team has made some rules for active countries. Each country has a dedicated team, which handle all the internal operations and content.

      These teams have their own rule for no of badges that a person can hold. Like India only allows holding up to 3 badges. 

        #4 is a US based Social Network

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        FALSE! is very popular in the United States but it is founded in China. It is the first app which is popular in US and has headquarter in China.

          #5 pays to Crowned Users

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 don't pay anything to a normal crowned user, however, pays money to top influencers to get more active users from their following. 

          Learn how you much can earn money from

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