5 Reasons why you should start using TikTok in 2019

There are only few social media platforms are booming right now. We know facebook is the oldest one and has the largest amount of active users but the statistics shows that it wont be the king for long. People love exploring and try new things which made Instagram, Whatsapp and even Snachat successful businesses

Today we live in a era where people love to share what they think. People love to express, tell their story. To encourage it, TikTok (Short video platform) has done a great job.

#1 Express

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People love to express and unlike other platform which still focus on photos and text emotions, TikTok allow people to express. TikTok is a platform where people can show what they truly are.

So if you are looking for a place where you can be just you. TikTok is the place. Download it now and get started.

    #2 Raw & Real

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    Faking a photograph for facebook, sharing best picture of yours on Instagram gives you a great feeling but it isnt real.

    TikTok is all about real personality. Videos allow other users to see real you.

      #3 Family

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      TikTokers are united. We all know the hate a common TikToker gets from people which keep him close to those who really understand him.

      The community is so strong that they always look for each other.

        #4 Popularity

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        Let's face it. unlike any other platform, TikTok has created more celebrities. People who is now known for their TikTok talent or videos. Not one or two not even dozen. more than hundred celebrities are there who were just like you and me and got the fame from TikTok or

          #5 Showcase your talent

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          TikTok is more than just Lipsync videos. People share their talent which can get the break or recognition. it allows you to rise up no matter who you are, where you lived. It gives you what you deserve.

          What i believe is, TikTok is more than a platform, it is a talent hunt campaign where you can show why you are unique, why you should be loved.


            The Polar Express Christmas Movies GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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              Written by Ajay Shashi

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