9 Things you should know before dealing with gifts and coins in TikTok

Please keep these things in mind before dealing with money in TikTok

TikTok is very well know short video sharing platform among teens and it used to believe that it has a very bright future. Already millions of users are already posting tons of millions of video daily. You can imagine how big the community is.

TikTok Terms and Policy

Today we will discuss about things you should know before purchasing any gift on TikTok or the coin you earned in it.

To read complete Virtual item Policy of TikTok please visit this page.

  • Any user who use TikTok and complies with their terms and service can buy gifts and coin.
  • Coins cannot be transfered in any case.
  • If your TikTok account is deleted by any reason, your coins will be deleted as well.
  • TikTok hold all rights to modify/remove your coins however, it will only happen if something is wrong (illegal activity etc)
  • Your name will be shown to other users when you gift publically
  • At any point, a Content Provider can see how much Diamond he/she has accrued on a real-time basis by checking their user account
  • You can only withdraw your coins via Paypal
  • You may cancel your account at any time, and Bytedance may terminate your account in accordance with the Terms. All the Coins, Gifts or Diamonds in your account will be forfeited immediately upon the cancellation or termination of your account. There will be no refunds for any unused or unredeemed Coins, Gifts or Diamonds or any prepaid fees for any portion of the Services.
  • any withdrawal request to be fulfilled to users under the age of 18 may be, at our sole discretion, fulfilled in the name of the user’s parent or legal guardian (subject to evidence of such relationship and relevant identities being verified if required by us in our sole discretion)

These are some important policies that you should know before involving money in TikTok app. To know more about Withdraw instructions, click here


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