Can a TikTok be longer than 15 seconds?

Yes you can! Actually upto 5 Minutes

So I was reading few articles on Quora and noticed this question,

I realised that no one actually answered this question properly with a satisfactory answer.

So here I am with an another Tik Tok tutorial on the same.

Can a TikTok be longer than 15 seconds?

Short Answer!

Yes, You can shoot TikTok longer than 15 seconds. There is no minimum requirements to get this feature(if I am not wrong).

How longer can we shoot?

TikTok allows you to shoot a video of max 1 minute (60 seconds to be exact).

Can we shoot even longer than 60 seconds?

No, but if you combine multiple videos from the drafts or privates, you can create a video of upto 5 minutes. Which is I believe is sufficient.


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