Do people need permission to make duets on Tiktok?

TikTok Wind is way more powerful than any of us expected. People are very crazy.

I wonder what actually makes people obsessed with TikTok?

I thought about it so many times and at last I came to know the truth and the reason behind it.

haha, it is damn simple but hard to understand. I will talk about it later. Let’s talk about duet permission in TikTok.

I was reading the social forums and as you all know, I try to pick best asked questions and answer them on this platform for all of the new tiktokers who want to make career out of it.

Question of the day

Do people need permission to make duets on Tiktok?

A very quick recap for those who are totally new. I won’t explain what is Duet and how to make it rather just read my other blog post and learn quickly and continue reading after that.

My Answer:

See, by default a normal TikTok profile allows everyone to make duet with their favourite creator on a particular sound track or voice clip. but,

In some cases, if your favorite creator or the person with whom you want to create the duet has privacy setting in place, you might not able be to make duet until unless you both are following each other.

In other terms, if a person has proper privacy setting on their TikTok account, you may not be able to shoot any duet with him/her on any audio until unless they allow.

when I said allow, it simply means, you have to be her/his friend in order to have duet permission.

In short,

if you want to make a duet with any person, you can without any written or their personal consent.

if you didn’t want you to make duet, they will simply set privacy policy in place to make sure no one is able to make duet with them.

if you are getting the duet option and app allows you to shoot one, then you should not worry about anything. No one will ask you anything.

but let say you created a video ( duet in this case) and somehow it offended the person. he or she might report your video or ask you to take it down personally.

In such cases, it’s upto you, how you want to proceed further.

My word of advice?

If someone is offended, try to talk it out. Maybe you will find a mutual way to sort the issue out. if not them you can take the video out and show a warm gesture.



What do you think?

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