Do you need any badge to get crowned on TikTok?

TikTok is growing like fire.I have been TikTok for a long time and in my TikTok journey, I have learned a lot. Today I will tell you what exactly you need to get crowned on TikTok.

Some people think that we need at-least one badge to get crowned on TikTok. It’s not their fault to think this because almost all the crowned users have badges so naturally, this thought will come to your mind too.

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So, Do you really need any badge to get crowned?

Actually no, we have already mentioned this on our myth buster list but not everyone gonna check it so I am making a separate post on this topic.

TikTok have badges and crown but there is no written statement which clarifies that badges are must for the crown.

Also, there is dozen of crowned musers that I know who don’t have any badge but they are crowned users.

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get Crowned musers without badgesget Crowned musers without badges

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Here are some real-life examples of crowned musers without any badges.

Don’t get hopeless, keep posting awesome content and work hard. Try to make more friends and connection which can help you in overall growth. That’s it in this article, I hope you enjoyed it. Keep checking our site and I will see you in next post 😉

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