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Do you really need any badge for Spotlight? [With Proof]

We know people who hold Spotlight without any badge. Let’s Talk

I have been using TikTok and for a quite long time. in the beginning, getting more people live in was easier than now, at least for newbies. but then team tweaked it and after that getting new people in your was very difficult. team took their app to next level and introduced Spotlight. The spotlight was a cool concept and it was meant to give your more exposure than any other normal live stream.

But to get this special privilege, you have to be an authority and active (at least as muser thinks of it right now). There are several terms and condition for Spotlight and today I will cover them all. Also, I will be talking about the myth people keeping saying when it comes to Spotlight registration. Guesting - Guest random people First of all, let’s understand what you will get if you are selected for spotlight.

Every live streamer wants people in their live stream. But, are you getting them right now?

When you get Spotlight, people get a notification about your live stream in their notification. This gives your live stream more exposure and guests.

So what are the requirements for the Spotlight program?

Officially, there are only a few requirements including:

  1. You should have a talent.
  2. You should be fluent in English as people all around the world will be joining you.
  3. You should be active in TikTok.
  4. You are expected to go live at-least 3 times a week.
  5. You should have a good TikTok profile.
  6. You should be presentable and good in communicating.

Apart these, there are no major requirements for the Spotlight. Now let’s talk about what you won’t get if you get Spotlight.

What you won’t get in Spotlight live? spotlight gifts According to, If you go live with Spotlight, you won’t get any gift coins during the live. All the gifts will go to account and none will be shared with you. But whats wrong with that, I mean you are already getting more fans and likes in exchange of that. Don’t you think? let me know in the comment section what you think about this.

Myth: You need Talent badge for Spotlight

Ok, finally we are talking about the real deal here. You may be wanted to apply for but heard about the badge thing from all the so-called talented musers. But what If I tell you that you don’t need any badge for spotlight program.

All you need is good TikTok account standing and a great interaction with your fans. I know you won’t, believe me, that is the reason I will show you few people who don’t have any badge but they have the spotlight and also they are doing great.

Meet @dil_wala. He is one of the Indian muser who is holding Spotlight without any badge.

dil_wala Spotlight Screenshot

dil_wala spotlight screenshot
Now meet @dinu333. He is another Indian muser.

Dinesh Prajapati holding spotlight without badge

His screenshot


Final Verdict

So, let me know what you think about my post. Maybe you have another side of this topic. If you loved this post then share it with your lovely muser friends also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for amazing posts and stories.


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Written by Ajay Shashi

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