Don’t see the TikTok speed setting on the record screen? This is what you need to do

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tiktok speed settings
tiktok speed settings

Today I will talk about how you can get your speed controller back in your TikTok recorder. I know most of us or at least some of us are not very comfortable with technology or the TikTok app itself. Don’t judge me but I am one of those people that is why I am always concerned about such topics. In this tutorial, I will tell you how you can get your TikTok video recording speed controller back.

TikTok Record Mode

When you are shooting your TikTok video you might have seen a bar using which you can change your recording speed. but what you are not seeing it at all?

Steps to get it back and enjoy your TikToking 😉

  1. Open TikTok App
  2. Go to Record/Create Mode
  3. Click on the Speed Icon at the top left list (Usually the second one with a timer icon)
  4. You should have your Speed Controller back 😉
  5. Enjoy TikToking 🙂
TikTok Recording Speed Controller

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