4 Easy Badges that you can win on TikTok with less efforts

It’s all about smartness and competition

TikTok is very popular and trending video based social network that is growing like a fire. In last couple of months, TikTok has raised their user base by 240%. Getting featured and badges on TikTok is not easy like it used to be. But still if you can win these 4 easy badges with less efforts and hardwork.

In this article, we will talking about 4 categories which can bring you badge easily as compared to other badges like Transitioner, Style Guru, Talent badges.

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4 easy badges on TikTok
4 easy badges on TikTok

4 Easy Badges that you can win on TikTok with less efforts. These badges have low competion as compared to other categories

1. DIY/How To

DIY badge is one of the least competitive badge in TikTok. Infact in most of the countries, getting a DIY badge is like a piece of cake. TikTok usually host badge giveaway events and hashtags like #BadgeMeWeekend. They have given tons of DIY badges. All you have to do is post few amazing DIY and good quality videos with proper hashtags during such events and most probably you will win one of those DIY/HOW To Badge.

2. Gaming

Gaming is very demanding category all of the world, but when it comes to TikTok, people rarely participate in Gaming. Which makes gaming one of the least competitive category. Each country has its own TikTok team so it’s hard to say where it is easy to get and where not but overall it is one of the least competitive niche and people can easily grab them during competition.

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3. Food

Food, getting food badge is not as easy it seems but trust me if you compare competition with other badges, it is still has high probability. All you have to do is make good cooking and food related videos and compete in such hashtags.

4. Visual Art

Unlike other 3 badges, getting Visual Artist badge is bit difficult but hey, we were talking about 4 badges that are possible to get even with few quality videos right?

Visual art badge need serious skill but if you have it, then you can win it with a little efforts. Try to post as much as you can under suitable hashtags and maintain consistency.

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Final words

These are my top 4 picks if we talk about least competitive categories but it doen’t make them super easy. It simply means that these four categories are has high winning chances than any other category. Suit yourself and choose your best category to win a badge. All The Best!


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Written by Ajay Shashi

We post everything that you need to become a great TikTok user. Stay for TikTok Tutorials, Tricks, Transition videos, Compilations and many more.

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