How to get Spotlight on TikTok/ | Complete Break Down

A Complete breakdown of things you need to know about Spotlight

If you are an active Musically user, you might know the importance and power of the Spotlight feature. It allows you to get more exposure and people on your live stream. Today I will talk about how you can avail spotlight.

I have been studying the concept and procedures for the Spotlight and everything that I will say in this article is all my understanding and opinion. You have all the right to disagree with me so with that being said.

Let’s talk about Spotlight.

Click to get featured on TikTok | TikTok Tutorial

When the team started Spotlight program they shared an open form so that people can apply through it. But after few months, everybody wanted this feature on their live stream.

So, Now no matter how many times you apply, you won’t get spotlight until unless you have these qualities.

Things the team expect from you before for the Spotlight

  1. Activeness
  2. Engaging People
  3. Profit

now let’s break down this list.

1.Activeness team wants you to be active. Here people will say that they use TikTok 24×7.


Here is the thing that you never focused on. TikTok and are products of the same company but they are not same.

You are a TikTok star doesn’t mean you are star too. TikTok is a video sharing platform where you can share your creative videos with 40+ million people whereas, is a Live streaming application where you can go live and talk to your followers.

Both are so deeply integrated that we never think about this.

TikTok team spends thousands of dollars to promote their app but company hardly promote app.

They expect you to go live on a regular basis so that people can join your live-stream, know more about you and spend time on their app. thee more people they will have on board the more money they will make.

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2. Engaging People

You should be able to hold the attention of your audience so that they spend more time on the app and love your live stream. The more you entertain your audience you will get noticed by team.

It is all about helping They select people who are worth promoting. If you think that without doing anything, you will get Spotlight then you are totally wrong.

3. Profit

Think about it. If you want something from team, you have to give them something too. It is the rule of business. All the gifts that you will earn in your live-stream (Spotlight streams only) will go to You won’t get anything and I believing trading some coins for that much of exposure is a good deal.




So these are the things that you need to know so that you can plan it. Now don’t consider as a part of TikTok. Both are so similar use same userbase but are a totally different thing. Spend more time on and try to get noticed 😉


What do you think?

Written by Ajay Shashi

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