How to get talent badge on TikTok – Explained!

Getting badge is a big deal here!

Everybody wants to achieve something in their life. People usually have big aim and dreams which they want to achieve. Fortunately, TikTok also made people ambitious. On TikTok, you have several things that you can be proud of. No, the number of fans isn’t one of them. Here in the world of this video social network, you can have badges and crown as an achievement. There are several badges that you can earn like Style, Transition, Food, DIY, Sports, Dance, Talent, Reps etc. Each badge shows excellence and a talent. Today, I will only talk about talent badge.

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Complete guide on how to get talent badge on TikTok

What is a talent badge?

Badges are medals, each badge show excellence in a specific category. Talent badge is one of the popular badges on TikTok. It represents the dedication and talent in the muser.

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This badge shows that you have an amazing talent and it is officially verified by TikTok team of your country.

Now the question is who can get this talent badge?

As per official TikTok guidelines, there is no minimum requirement for the badge, at the time I am writing this article. All you need is good quality content. It can be dance, your special skill etc.

Do we need hundreds of Followers for talent badge?

No, you can get a talent badge even when you have a dozen followers. Getting badge depends on various factors which don’t include followers. We have seen people with thousands of fans but they don’t have any badges but at the same time, we have seen people who have badges while having 100 fans.

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How to get talent badge on TikTok?

Getting a badge is not easy at all. It requires serious dedication and consistency and yes don’t forget the talent.

There are several ways to get a badge. I will mention few of them.


1. Post in Talent Category

Rule no.1, try to post videos in the talent category. It will increase the chances to get you featured.

2. Use #BadgeMeTalent hashtag in your videos

Always use the #BadgeMeTalent hashtag in your videos and try to get as much attention as you can in the talent category. The more your videos get highlighted, the more chances you will have.

3. Show your real talent

Stop posting simple lipsync videos, try to be creative and showcase your special skill. It can be drawing, dancing, singing, DIY or anything. All you need to do is focus on one skill and show it to the world.

4. Be Real

Don’t remuse actions, remusing is very common on TikTok. Try to do something on your own. Inspiration is good but if you really mean it. Don’t copy.

5. Participate in contests

TikTok usually host amazing contests. During these TikTok festivals and contests, you will have greater chances to win a talent badge. Each country has its own TikTok official team. they host such contests like #BadgeMeWeekend and #OneMillionAudition

6. Be Consistent

TikTok is getting matured and improved day by day. Try to be in the spotlight. Post as much as you can on daily basis. This will increase your chances to get the badge.

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Final Words

Follow this tutorial and start working on your skill. Keep posting and don’t forget to tag TikTok account of your country. Enjoy!

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