How can I increase my fans and likes on TikTok in 2019

There are tons of ways to get fake fans, likes, and comment on TikTok. I am sure you are not talking about those.

So, lets assume you want to grow your TikTok account organically and with real fan base.

Things I used and I known of are very basics and everybody knows it.

Here are few points I believe you should focus on to achieve desired result.

  1. Ask yourself why people should follow you?

Everybody wants to become a celebrity on Social Media but do you know what makes an account popular? what an account should have to become successful?

it’s the purpose, if your existence has an impact on people, they will surely follow you. Ask yourself why should they follow you? what will they get?

trust me it is very important for you to know what value will you provide them.

eg- Let’s take an example of any influencer,

Sandeep maheshwari is a successful entrepreneur, is being respected by the youth? why?

because it contribute to the society. He motivate them, he has a purpose.

make sure you serve a purpose.

It can be entertainment also, but should have one.

Who is your audience?

People try to make videos for everybody, this is not how it works. Pick a category or niche. Narrowed one or highly focused, so that you can focus of a specific bunch of people who share same mindset and interests. In my case, I targeted VFX and Transition.

Be Consistent

Don’t be an One-Hit-Guy!

what it means?

it means don’t shine like a crashing star who isn’t coming back. Be consistent and post on regular basis. It keeps people happy and entertained.

Be Selfless

Think of what other want. Be selfless. it will give you more respect. Respond to people who are commenting in your video. It will show how much you value them.

Promote on other Social Media

If there is a 1% of chance to get more fans from other medium, just do it. Share where ever you can. tell people on train, bus, waiting area, office, school. I mean just promote yourself. It will give you bunch of new fans and your friends will come along as well. Sooner or later but sure will 😉

Respect is more important than fan numbers

If people see that you don’t value their existence, they will leave you eventually. Make sure you give them respect. You will end up having more respect than before. Word by mouth marketing is one of the best way to get more fans or likes. Your fans will be work for you for free. They will bring their friends and soon your will have your fans skyrocket.


If you don’t give people attention, they will leave you. Spend some time maintaining your fans. Go live and talk about them. Share your life with them. They are desperate to know about you.

These are few tips I think should help you. for more TikTok tutorials you can read TikTok – TikTok Tutorials, Transitions and Tricks


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Written by Ajay Shashi

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