How do I download a TikTok video? Download TikTok Video With or Without Watermark

Download TikTok videos easily in few seconds (With or Without watermark)

TikTok has won various title on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. No doubt why people love the app and spend so much time on it. But do you know how to download a particular TikTok video?

Well things are pretty straight forward for those who know and very tricky with the new UI update for those who don’t.

let’s say you may be wanted to download your own video but without watermark or maybe you wanted to download someone’s video so that you can share his/her work on your social media.

I will leave the purpose of the download to you, I trust you won’t be doing anything wrong 😉

So, today we will learn how to download the TikTok video using two methods. Ofcourse one will include the TikTok brand watermark and other won’t.

How to download TikTok video from the TikTok App itself?

Steps are pretty simple all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open TikTok App
  • Browse to the video you wanted to download
  • Long press at the center( actually you can long press anywhere expect the buttons)
  • Choose save video
  • Video should be saved to your gallery

below are the screenshots to showcase the steps

how to download TikTok video
Browse the TikTok video you wanted to download
how to download TikTok video
Click on Save Video to download it to your gallery

How to download TikTok video without watermark?

Now let’s talk about how to download if you are not a huge fan of the TikTok branding that comes with each downloaded video.

If you are an Android user, you can download the video via

Note: Apple users wont be able to download it because safari won’t allow downloading any file. in iOS you can use various apps to download the TikTok videos without watermark.


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Written by Ajay Shashi

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