How often should I upload TikTok videos for getting likes and fans on (Tiktok)? Should I upload daily?

Atleast 5 videos per week might be a good idea!

Those who don’t know lets again talk about what TikTok is, TikTok is a short video sharing platform where you can post any video within 15 seconds.

But how often should you upload?
Let’s talk about it. TikTok is growing rapidly and daily thousands of new users are adding up.

Very competitive right?

actually unlike of facebook and instagram, people open Tik Tok to entertain theirself. They only follow people who they find interesting. There are millions of followers so its not hard these days to get fans or followers all you need to do is be patient and post creative content.

Now, how often should you upload a TikTok video?
According to our research to keep your account active and healthy, make sure you post atleast 5 videos per week. but don’t get confused. Posting wont get you fans, it will just keep your exsiting fans happy and they will be in touch. To get more fans all you have to do is post amazing videos. I hope this helped you.


What do you think?

Written by Ajay Shashi

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