How to Become a TikTok star (Don’t skip Tip – 7)

you have TikTok account ??? But don’t know how to become a star then check this

Yet TikTok not have the same recognition as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram or Youtube among all the other social media. Have you installed TikTok App? (if you don’t know about TikTok check this(7 Things You Need to Know about TikTok). This Article Will help you to know how to become a TikTok Star. Do you know what to do with this App there are many tips which will help you to become a TikTok star.

It is hit by the younger crowd and still growing we want to keep this article up to date so we are adding some newest information regarding TikTok

How to Become a TikTok star (Don't skip Tip - 7)


These are the tips which will help you to know how to become a TikTok Star


#Tip – 1 – Choose the Correct Mode

Choose the correct mode for your first TikTok is very important. As you can see there are many modes like time lapse, epic, slow motion, very fast. Like if you choose very fast mode then it will be very difficult to you so rather choosing famous one mode to try choose that will be comfortable for you.


#Tip – 2 – Choose Correct method to make video

See you want to make a video on dance and you are making with Timer and by yourself, it will seem like messy, so try to make it with the tripod it will give you a correct angle and you will be happy with you first TikTok


#Tip – 3 – Use Comfortable Mobile Phones

Comfortable mobile phones mean the phone you are using, you can handle it without any hassle. like you have larger mobile phones or iPad or pad then it will be very difficult to handle and shoot from it. There are many products in the market that you can use to make your phone comfortable like a Pop socket. It will give a grip to your phone so that you can easily handle.

How to Become a TikTok star (Don't skip Tip - 7)


#Tip – 4 – Don’t Be So Dull

It means used some good expressions, good lighting, and good angles, these are the best three things you can use to become a star on TikTok and this will help a lot to make a good TikTok videos


#Tip – 5 – Use appropriate Background

It means don’t start making videos in your Bedroom. Try to make videos in nature, colorful environment. It is important as your video is.


#Tip  – 6 – Use proper Challenge

In TikTok the main thing is the challenge try to post videos on the challenge that is new it will surely give a boost to your profile. TikTok analyze who is doing good and making videos on new challenges


 #Tip – 7 – Use Hashtags

Hashtags !!! yes, Not in the Instagram TikTok also have a Hashtags most of the musers use Hashtags. Hashtags mean the upcoming challenges and the trending one when you use Hashtags then you will be seen in the trending category so always try to use hashtags in your videos like #getgeatureme #featureme and much more.


#Tip –  8 – Time

yes, you are thinking right there is a time to post videos try to upload in which time that has more numbers of active users. Try to upload between 10 am to 6 pm. I have noticed that this is the time when more people are active on TikTok and more people will see your videos.


#Tip –  9 – Consistency

This is not the new thing you are reading whatever you are doing if you try to maintain consistency you will see results automatically. so try to upload at least daily one video with proper hashtags.


#Tip – 10 – Video shoots

Don’t worry if your first video is not from TikTok it doesn’t mean you didn’t have fans. I Remembered my first video that I uploaded from my old memories so don’t feel shy to upload your older videos.


#Tip – 11 – Understand the lyrics

when you choose a song to make a video then sure about the lyrics if you don’t know the lyrics of that music then never choose or first understand the lyrics then make video otherwise it will look like you are singing from the closed mouth. I am just kidding!! Please try to upload a video on that music which lyrics you know.



These are the tricks which will help you to know how to become a TikTok star. check this video

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I hope You liked this article and now you know how to become a TikTok star. So give me your opinion in Comment Box.

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