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How To do Light Saver Transition – TikTok Transitions

Hy wassup friends hope you are doing great as TikTok. TikTok is making a headline since many months and it becomes an App like you want to use at least once. This article will tell you about How To do Light Saver Transition – TikTok Transitions.

Trust me after this article you can make a simple light saver transition. So what you understand by light saver it means to play with the light oops not with the light if you play with the light you won’t be able to play again with any other thing. Play with light means play with light equipment such as a bulb, tube light etc.

How To do Light Saver Transition - TikTok Transitions

Note: Before using this transition be Careful with light and light Equipment and you can use a torch or any other equipment that is not directly connected to the power.

Things To do Light Saver Transition – TikTok Transitions

  1. First, choose the music on which you want to make TikTok
  2. Take your light and put in your pocket or near to you
  3. Go to the lighting area and start recording then pause the video
  4. Go to the dark area take the light and On then start recording and pause it
  5. Come back to the Lighting area and star record

To understand it better check out our exclusive video below and see tips and tricks help you create yours on Light Saver Transition TikTok



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Written by Pooja

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