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How to do Mirror and Backcam transition – TikTok transitions

Hello Musers, are you one of them who have big Mirror in your home? And also you are a Musically lover So what are you waiting for?Didn’t you want to make a mirror transition TikTok so here is the post that can help you this post doesn’t tell you about mirror transition also tells you about Backcam transition (how to do Mirror and Backcam transition – TikTok transitions.)

I am not going to waste your time but before coming to the point you have to know these things so that if anyone question to you about Mirror transition and backcam transition so that you can easily answer to their questions I hope you want to know about these two things.

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What does Mirror transition mean? 

It is the process where you can change from one state or condition to another with the help of Mirror which reflects a clear image.

what does backcam mean?

If you are reading this so I can assume that you make Musically and you always make with the help of front camera simply because you can see yourself on your phone and this is the transition that done by your phones back camera.

How to get crowned on TikTok?

How to do Mirror and Backcam transition.

  1. Just open your TikTok App in your phone and follow the instruction
  2. All you need just a mirror for the mirror transition
  3. Different places to backcam transition
  4. You can use a pop socket to handle your phone and if you have phone above 4.5-inch display so I suggest you to use a pop socket.
  5. And of course, time to make TikTokMirror and backcam transition can be used in any TikTok. Whether it is any kind of video and can be created with slow music and fast musiccheck out our exclusive video below and see tips and tricks help you create yours on TikTok mirror and backcam transition.


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