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Hey FAM, I hope you guys are doing really well. Today we will talk about how to get a crown on Musically in a small time period. Getting crowned is not that easy, and cannot be achieved in a night until unless you are an Instagram sensation or a star. This guide is especially for those who are talented but don’t know how to plan their TikTok profile to get crowned as soon as possible on TikTok

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How to get Crown on Musically
TikTok Crown

So, What exactly is crown on TikTok?

According to TikTok,

crown badge

The crown badge represents the concept of great users on TikTok getting crowned by TikTok.

using the crown badge

Verified users and celebrities on TikTok get crowned and they are called crowned users. The crown badge is nonfunctional and is to be used attached to crowned users avatar.

how to get a crown on TikTok
how to get a crown on TikTok

Can a non-star person get a crown on TikTok?

Of course, As TikTok mentioned, verified users and great users get the chance to get crowned. In other terms, Crown is similar to verified account on other social media platform, like we used to have a tick on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. It is the same concept but with a unique visual representation.

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read this complete TikTok tutorial where we will be guiding you how to get a crown on Musically.

Unlike, other social platforms, TikTok has badges and crowns to showcase individual’s achievement and talent. There are various badges to showcase your talent. TikTok has dedicated badge for gamers, dancers, musicians, VFX artists, DIY, Unspecific Talent, Transitioners, Style Gurus, Animal Lovers, and TikTok representatives.

TikTok also features creative and unique videos so that talented people can get exposure and shoutouts. Getting featured is not as easy as it was a few months back click here to learn our 10 tips to get featured on TikTok.

How to get a crown on Musically

Let’s start to discuss what exactly you need to get crown and who get crowned on TikTok. TikTok give the crown to people who are the influencers and great musers. A normal person may not get crown on his TikTok journey.

1. Be an Influencer

People who influence other TikTok users usually get crown sooner than other people. Try to influence people and build a strong fan base. Here influence means engage them on TikTok app.  ask them to remuse your sound. Provide them guidance and support them.

2. Showcase your Talent

You will hardly see a crowned muser who don’t have a talent. Until unless you are celebrity, TikTok won’t give you crown for the sake of your fan following. In some countries, TikTok has rules to have atleast one badge to get eligible for crown.

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3. Stay Hyper-Active

Post on a daily basis to get noticed. People who stay hyper active on TikTok gets crown sooner than people who don’t.

4. Participate in auditions

You may be doing everything right still can’t get their attention, you need to participate in such auditions. TikTok team host events and auditions where they give crown to winners an derserving people. Make sure you are participating and posting high quality content on such events. These auditions are the best chance to get crown even if you are new. I personally have seen people were nobody but got crowned within 3 months. If you got the real talent then never miss such opportunity to get crowned yourself.


Just a simple youtube video sharing howto get a crown on Musically

5. Host challenges to get more exposure and fame

Lets face the truth, TikTok team will give you crown if you are a great and famous muser. To become famous, you have to participate in all the trending hashtags, auditions, challenges. Try to host a unique hashtag so that people can recognize you and you get exposure. There are various people who got all the eyes on them after hosting some kind of challenges.

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6. Collab with other crown users

crown users are always get special attention from TikTok. Try do collaboration with them as much as you can. This can be the best way to get more exposure and fame on TikTok in short time period.

7. Avoid other similar apps

If you are serious about TikTok and getting crowned then avoid apps which are similar to TikTok. TikTok will never give you crown if you are famous or having good standing account on any other similar platform.

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Final Verdicts

So these were my take on how to get a crown on Musically. If you liked my tips then don’t forget to to share it with your friends and make sure you are following us on Instagram and Youtube.

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