How to share TikTok Profile on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook)

A Perfect way to share your profile with your friends.

Recently some of you asked for this topic. In the beginning, I thought, I should not cover this topic as it is too obvious but people asked it so many times, I had to change my mind and today we will learn how to share TikTok profile on Social Media. Using this trick, you can share your TikTok profile to any social media right from the TikTok app.

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Video Tutorial to share TikTok profile on Social Media

To help you better, we have recorded screen to show how exactly you can do it. This device is a virtual emulator that is why we won’t be able to post on any social media but you will get it when you will follow the video. ENJOY!

You can share TikTok profile right from the TikTok app to any social media whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messaging app, etc.

Screenshot steps to share TikTok profile on Social Media in few clicks

#1 Click on Gear icon (Last button on the top)share TikTok profile

#2 Click on Share Profile…

share TikTok profile

#3 Choose Social Media where you want to share

share TikTok profile

This is it. A quick tutorial showing how to share your TikTok profile with your friends on Social Media and get more followers instantly.


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