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How to do Twin transition in TikTok – Complete video tutorial by Eric

Let’s do some twinning

Click here to learn Spin Transition in TikTok?

Did you try this mystical twin transition?

Because of talented musers all around the world, we get amazing tricks and transitions every day. This time Twin transition is getting a real heat globally.

Once again, one of the famous Youtuber took the initiative and shared the secret to this transition on his channel.

Twin transition isn’t as simple as it looks like, unlike other awesome transitions, this transition will require some extra work and efforts. Before I continue, I want to tell you, to do twin transition, you will need to take help of additional software(Video editor), it can be iMovie, Adobe PP.

how to do twin transition in TikTok
how to do twin transition in TikTok

Learn How to do Twin Transition in TikTok

Things you will need to do this transition:

  1. Door
  2. Tape
  3. iPhone or any Smartphone that can record slow-motion video
  4. iMovie or any video editor

Do you these 10 things that can help you in getting featured?

1. Fix your phone on the door using tape.

Fix iPhone on Door


2. Shoot your first part

shoot first part for twin transition


3. Stand on another side as a twin



4. Start recording and slide the door toward yourself.

close the door for twin transition


5. Export videos to camera roll and import them to iMovie



6.  Add all videos, use proper transition and make a video

imovie complie a movie

7. Import video from Library and upload it.

Final Words:

Making a twin transition video is not as simple as it looks. Make sure to watch the complete video by Eric to understand step by step guide.


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Written by Ajay Shashi

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