How to Win a Camera with TikTok Travel? – #TikTokTravel

You may have seen the trending hashtag #TikTok Travel.

What is #TikTokTravel?

TikTok travel is all about discovering new people, culture and content. When the first time I tried, I was quite impressed with the concept.

It shows you random videos from people all around the world and also show from which continent or country, the content is being displayed.

Is’nt it cool?

#TikTokTravel Home Screen

How to start your own #TikTokTravel Journey?

To start your own #TikTok Travel journey,

all you have to do is,

  1. open TikTok App
  2. Make sure you are on search page
  3. slide the top banner
  4. once you find the travel tiktok banner, click on it
  5. Start your journey

Whenever you visit a location, it will show you something like this. A Video shared by any random person from that particular place. Or I can say it will show you the place of that person.

You will have option to visit next destination or complete your journey.

if you click visit next destination, it will take you to the next video like this:

as you can see, it is showing me a world map with miles I have travelled. The distance is between the countries not your exact places.

I really loved the animation it showed.

When you click on Complete your Journey

it will stop showing you video and simple share your boarding pass. This boarding pass has few fields showing how much you travelled and from where to where. For example, this is my boarding pass.

It also share Gate, Route, Tour Guide

Tour Guide are the people whose video watched during this journey.

How to win Camera?

TikTok is giving away camera to random people. To win a camera all you have to do is share your boarding pass on your social media.

Make sure you read the terms and condition before sharing or inviting friends.


I just loved the concept. <3

Please don’t forget to share your views on the comment section.


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Written by Ajay Shashi

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