I am getting 100+ followers daily but my fans are not increasing

TikTok Spamming is very common these days

It’s time to address this question. I have been asked this questions so many time by my friends and in Quora forums. You might be noticing that you get on an average 50+ or even more follow requests daily but your fan count is not increasing at the same rate.

it is because people are doing spam. They follow and unfollow to leave a footprint in your notification so that you can see their profile and even follow them if you like.


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This trick used to work when only few people were spamming but now a days when there are millions of users trying to be famous, this trick became very common.

if you are new on TikTok and want some exposure, you can try the same, I cannot guarantee the growth but its worth trying.


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Written by Ajay Shashi

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