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Musically (stylized as TikTok) is a Chinese video social network app for video creation, messaging, and live broadcasting. The first prototype was released in April 2014, and the official version was launched in August of that year. Through the app, users can create 15-second to 1-minute videos and choose sound tracks to accompany them, use different speed options (time-lapse, slow, normal, fast, and epic) and add pre-set filters and effects. The app also allows users to browse popular “musers,” content, trending songs and sounds and hashtags.

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TikTok – Video Sharing Platform for teenagers

How to get a crown on Musically

Let’s start to discuss what exactly you need to get crown and who get crowned on TikTok. Musically give the crown to people who are the influencers and great musers. A normal person may not get crown on his Musically journey.

1. Be an Influencer

People who influence other TikTok users usually get crown sooner than other people. Try to influence people and build a strong fan base. Here influence means to engage them on the TikTok app.  ask them to reuse your sound. Provide them guidance and support them.

2. Showcase your Talent

You will hardly see a crowned muser who doesn’t have a talent. Until unless you are a celebrity, Musically won’t give you the crown for the sake of your fan following. In some countries, Musically has rules to have at least one badge to get eligible for the crown.

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3. Stay Hyper-Active

Post on a daily basis to get noticed. People who stay hyper active on Musicly gets crown sooner than people who don’t.

4. Participate in auditions

You may be doing everything right still can’t get their attention, you need to participate in such auditions. TikTok team host events and auditions where they give the crown to winners . Make sure you are participating and posting high-quality content on such events. These auditions are the best chance to get crown even if you are new. I personally have seen people were nobody but got crowned within 3 months. If you got the real talent then never miss such opportunity to get crowned yourself.

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Learn How to see who visited our profile on TikTok

We all want superpowers right? When we talk about social media platforms, all we are curious about is who visited our profile? did my crush, my lover, my friend, my family check my profile? In this Musical-ly tutorial, we will learn how to see who visited our profile on TikTok

Before we start, let me tell you that we have recently published an amazing guide on How to get a crown on TikTok so make sure you check that out.

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How to unfollow multiple people on TikTok?

TikTok is growing day by day. There might be chances that you have followed so many people on TikTok for the sake of follow-back and more likes. We never encourage such activity in the first place but if you are one of them then this article is for you. Learn how to unfollow all the unwanted people on TikTok.

following people is simple on TikTok but it is not that easy to unfollow the same person. In this tutorial, we will learn how you can unfollow a particular person from their profile or from your following list.

First, let’s learn how to unfollow people from your profile page as it allows you to unfollow multiple people right away from the single screen.

  1. Open your profile
  2. Click on the following numbers
  3. you will an icon on each of the people you are following, click on it and choose to unfollow

How much do coins on TikTok cost?

TikTok is like fire these days. People want fame, thousands of likes in their videos and whatnot. But do you know people are actually get paid also from TikTok? Today we will be talking about how much it cost to buy coins on Musical ly.

If you are active on TikTok or using it for a couple of weeks, you may have heard of Lively is a separate project from the same company which allows us to go live from it. Now when you go live there, people can actually send gifts. Gifts that actually cost you money. The broadcaster can later redeem those gift points into real money.

So here is the list based on current price rate. Prices may vary depending on financial situations. Use this currency converter to get an idea for your country.

300 1 0.87449 1.54777 79
500 5 4.41672 7.81721 399
2000 25 17.7001 31.3276 1599
5000 62 44.2668 78.3484 3999
10000 122 87.4488 154.777 7900

How many fans do you have to get in order to get a crown?

I believe this statement from them may have helped you. In other words, the number of fans or followers has nothing to do with a crown.

TikTok team manually analyze profile and give crown based on talent and activeness. If you are posting high-quality content and you post regularly, you will be crowned someday.

We have seen people who got crowned in a month and we know hundreds of people who are using it for a year and still don’t have it.

What is the Emoji-love? What it represents?

If you are new, you might be thinking about the same thing. Emoji-love is a very popular element on TikTok and

So Basically, Emoji-loves are the way to show love to the broadcaster. It help’s the application to understand what people like what not and which broadcaster is more entertainer than rest of the other live-streamers. So whenever your favorite live streamer or muser goes live, make sure you tap lots of emoji-hearts to them.

How to change your TikTok username within TikTok time span restriction.

I have seen a lot of people who change the Musical-ly username in something very cool and attractive but then they realize that it was one of the biggest mistakes they did on TikTok. Sometimes, it happens when you want to stand out in the crowd. Trust me, having a cool username won’t make you popular, instead read this guide for tips to become a TikTok Star.

Now, according to TikTok guidelines, a Muser cannot change his/her username before 30 days. In other words, if you have changed your TikTok username, then you have to wait for next 4 weeks. In this time span of a month, you cannot change it again.

Don’t you want Spotlight? Read how can you avail that without any talent badge.

So, Now what if you want to change it anyhow? In this How-To TikTok, I will teach you, how you can change your TikTok username within 30 days time restriction.

This guide doesn’t have dozens of steps to follow but a very few one. All you have to do is adjust your Date/Time in your Smartphone. Make sure to select date at least a month ahead in future.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to General and open Date/Time
  3. Disable Set Automatically Feature
  4. Set a date for Future
  5. Make sure to select the date in future, at least a month ahead.
  6. Open TikTok and change your username

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