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Everything you need to know about 1MillionAudition

Finally, your wait is over. India has announced their next 1MillionAudition. There are 5 different categories which you can choose for the audition.

What is this 1MillionAudition about?

It’s a creator discovery program initiated by India. will invest massive inbound and outbound resources to discover and incubate the Indian talents and help them grow their influence, to show their creativeness to the whole community. The One Million Audition will contain 5 different categories, participants can join the audition by submitting videos under one or multiple categories that will get higher chance to win.


Important Links:

Don’t forget to checkout all the important links. This audition is only for Indians.

These 10 tips can help you get features



Share and make buzz about the 1millionaudition and India team will be picking 3 lucky musers for free t-shirt and also give 1 OnePlusPhone per week.




#15sVinesAudition – Any vines in 15s

#DanceIndiaAudition – any dance videos

#SpecialSkillsAudition – any videos that show your unique and unusual skills

#DuetAudition – any videos that show your creative duet skills

#SexyMovesAudition – any videos that show your sexy moment

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1millionaudition prize

All the 1000 winners will share 10 millions Indian rupee base on the Creator Score.



1millionaudition guidelines

* Please don’t spam the hashtags and only post relevant videos under the category you choose.

* Any kinds of fake likes are not tolerated. If you find any participant who is using fake likes to win the audition, please submit the report form to the team. Once verified, the participant will be disqualified from this audition.

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Celebration Party India will host a celebration party in Mumbai and winners will be invited there.


To Know more visit official site

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