No More Crown? Why there is no crown anymore in TikTok App

TikTok has finally removed the Crown!

For last 2 years, When we were used to of interface. It was all about getting crowned in the app but now the TikTok team has decided to do some changes in the app.

Crown users will now have Verified Account Badge

Over the last few months, Official developer team has done extreme changes in the app not limited to introducing new filters, changing the brand name and now removing the Crown icon.

If you have recently checked the TikTok app, you must have seen that there is no Crown Icon anymore on verified account. No matter if the user is having millions of fans, crown has been removed from entire app.

What now?
TikTok team has introduced new badges (I am not talking about the talent based badges) to seperate popular artists from the crowd.
All the crowned users now have Verified Account badge, and people who are highly active and has gain good following in last few months got Popular Creator badge.

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So, will it affect anything else in the app?
Apart from the disappointment, nothing actually. The changes has been done are visual changes. The rest of the features are as it is. So enjoy your TikTok life and keep spreading love and do subscribe to our site so that we can share more information with you.


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