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How to do object transfer transition – TikTok Transitions

Hy wassup friends!!! I was just Scrolling my TikTok app home screen and I found an amazing TikTok by one of our TikTok family member and that was about the object transfer transition so I thought you also want to know about the object transfer and after some searches, I am writing this article and trust me this will tell you all about how to do object transfer transition – TikTok transitions.

This transition will help you to make many TikTok that everyone loves. you can use this transition to object transfer like you want to make TikTok in which you can change your shirt or you want to add any prop or any other object into your video then you came at the right place this post will help you to do so.

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How to do object transfer transition- Things to do

To change shirt as an object

  1. Firstly choose your music
  2. Record as normal
  3. Pause the video and remember the frame
  4. Make Object appear
  5. start recording in the same frame

To change or add new object

  1. Record as normal
  2. Cover the screen with your hand / an object
  3. Make object appear
  4. Start recording while covering the screen in the same frame

To add more object in the transition

  1. Record as normal
  2. Reach out for an object in the distance
  3. Stop recording remember the frame and grab the object
  4. Start recording with the object placed near its original position

To understand it better check out our exclusive video below and see tips and tricks help you create yours on TikTok object transfer transition post.

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Written by Pooja

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