What do you actually want? Popularity or Number?

Let’s talk about it

Welcome to my first discussion post in this community. I got hundreds of emails and messages on our Social Media accounts whether it is Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. People are very desperate about getting famous.

I thought this is a very sensitive topic and we need to talk about it. I am no expert, let me be straightforward. But there are few things that I know about this world and internet.

I may sound rude in this post so bear with me I have no intention to hurt anyone’s feeling. I am just sharing my opinion and if you disagree or want to add anything to my knowledge than you are most welcome to our comment section, I would love to read your side.

So you want to be famous? right?

Have you ever asked yourself that “Why people should spend their precious time and notice you?

What exactly you have achieved? what makes you different and why should they check out your profile?

You want people taking pictures with you just like that, you want crowd clapping for you, dying for you just like that?


Do you follow someone, admire someone who has no talent or has no special skills?

You don’t watch a video that you don’t like and still, you expect that people will watch yours.

On the other hand, if you are very talented, if you are providing real value to your community then people will give you their time. People will love you.

If you want to be popular than you have to serious about it. You have to be dedicated and hard working. You have to face every hurdle that will come in your way. If you are capable enough, you will get succeeded.

If you want to be popular than why are you wasting your time on Numbers?

The number will remain a number. If you try to lure people with spammy tricks, they will never actually follow you. You might get a huge number on your profile. But they are not actually following you.

Work for it. Stop asking!

Plan -> Dream – > Work -> Achieve


What do you think?

Written by Ajay Shashi

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