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Role of Category in 1MillionAudition

Role of Category in 1MillionAudition

1Million audition is the best way to showcase your talent on TikTok and you will be rewarded with gift cards, crown, badges and many more. The 1MillionAudition contain 6 different categories and everyone can join the audition by just posting in that categories. Let’s know about Role of Category in 1MillionAudition.

You will have 6 different categories (Can be more this is just example)

Role of Category in 1MillionAudition

You will find this category and it will show on a TikTok app with hashtags like this.

Role of Category in 1MillionAudition

How will category help you In 1MillionAudition

As there are 6 different categories. Choose 2-3 categories to post your TikTok If you post on all the 6 categories then your profile will be a mess. choose the ones in which you are good to post quality, not quantity.

Categories for 1Millionaudition (They can be updated).

  • 15svines
  • Sports
  • Special skills
  • food
  • Sing

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What is 1MillionAudition

What is 1MillionAudition

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