#ShareAndWith | Everything you need to know about #1MillionAudition 2019

Hello TikTokers, 1MillionAudition is back. TikTok has just announced that they will be giving more exciting prizes to top tiktokers. If you are one who need an new phone for your TikTok career, this is the time to get it.

Show case your talent and get the prizes.

6 Tips to win 1MillionAudition

When is the #1MillionAudition starting?

1MillionAudition already started, right now TikTok is calling out all the TikTokers so that people can know it’s time to compete. TikTok is focusing only on comedy so make sure you post your funny videos under hashtag #1mVinesEdition.

The Competition will last from 7th Jan to 20th Jan 2019.

How to win a Smartphone?

TikTok is giving away a Smartphone every week to a lucky user. all you have to do is post videos under the hashtag #shareandwin and make sure you share TikTok Million Audition poster to your Instagram.

Is there any cash prize?

if you already participated in any of previous audition, you may know that Tik Tok always give something to their winners and top TikTokers. This #1MillionAudtion is no different. There will be exciting gifts and cash prizes.

Which language can you use for the #1MVinesEdition?

  • Hindi
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Telugu
  • Punjabi

these are some languages allowed in this Audition.

Can I showcase my any other talent or skill in this audition?

This time TikTok is only focusing on original Comedy. If they announce any other hashtag or category, we will definetly post a article about it.

Role of Category in 1MillionAudition


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