How to do Slow Motion Transition – TikTok Transitions

Learn how to Shoot slomo in few simple steps

Hello Friends, Hope you all are doing good and also doing good in TikTok so here is the new article about the transitions. And this article is about the transition that I assure you, you will love the most and always wonder how they made it. This article is about How to do Slow Motion – TikTok Transitions

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So what actually slow motion is slow motion meaning the action of showing a film or playing back video more slowly than it was made or recorded so that the action appears much slower than in real life.

If you go to the leaderboard in the TikTok then you will see that every muser who have great fan following or the one who is still struggling with the TikTok always tried the Slow Motion transition.

we all know that Slow motion transition looks cool and it gives your TikTok account hype to reach maximum peoples It’s not look cool but actually it’s quite simple to make the Slow motion transition.

Steps to shooting slow motion TikTok video

  1. Choose the correct song to make the transition.
  2. If you choose a fast song then there is no meaning of slow motion
  3. Slow motion always looks best on the Slow song.
  4. Choose the correct place to make the Transition
  5. choose the Correct lighting for the transition like if you choose a dark zone and you make slow-motion transition TikTok this will not look good (It’s my personal experience you can make by yourself and check it.)

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Hope you understand the things how to make the Perfect Slow Motion Musically so what are you waiting for go And do these things.

  • Open your App
  • Click on the button to make new TikTok
  • Select the slow song
  • Then you will see many modes
  • First, select the Fast mode the after few second choose the Slow mode.

To understand it better Look Our new exclusive video below and see tips and tricks that help you create yours on TikTok spin transition post.

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