6 Tips to win 1MillionAudition

Use these tricks to win 1MillionAudition

1MillionAudition is here with all the new tricks and fun. this is the 2nd 1MillionAudition in India. Are you excited what new in the 2nd 1MillionAudition? There are many things which you have to focus on this time to win 1MillionAudition.

Use these Tips to win 1MillionAudition

  • New Content 

Post new content never ever repost your videos. TikTok is a video-based network and they know when you post old videos. never try to fool them, they know all about you. Be creative, Be unique and post new videos. Avoid Slow-motion, lip-sync videos.

  • Use More platforms

Do not depend on TikTok, post your videos on Instagram, Facebook to get more exposure and use proper hashtags.

  • Proper Lighting

Use proper lighting while making videos, Lighting can make a bad video for a good one and you can have more chances to get featured.

  • Post Videos 

Post at least 2 videos daily, you can post more videos but try to post min videos in your selected category.

  • Choose your category 

Choose your category in which you will post videos, do not mess up do not post in every category. Select 2 categories and post in that categories.

  • Hashtag Overload

Do not use the extra hashtag if you are posting in # Fitness, use fitness hashtag and 1Millionaudition Hashtag.

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What is 1MillionAudition

What is 1MillionAudition