What exactly is Verified Account badge in TikTok?

From the beginning, TikTok or is famous for seprating out people on the basis of their talent, skills and popularity.

I remember when I first started using it, when the app interface was like colorful world. App used to give Crowns to make people stand out in the crowd. Later the announced badges which people can get after showcasing their skills. We have posted a article on it, I know it makes no point but you can read if you want.

Anyways, now app has done a lot of changes over last few months, a completely new User interface, new backend algorithms, brand change are name of few. but what affect the user most is the removal of the crown. I have recently posted an article sharing the news that TikTok has decided to remove the crown, click here to read more about it.

Ok, now you know that Tik Tok has removed the Crown so how will they make the crowned user stand out?
I noticed that few months back they have introduced new badges and these badges will be used to seperate out stars. Verfied Account, Popular Creator are few addition to the badges.
I am also a crowned sure, atleast I used to be one, now I can see no crown and a new badge called Verified Account, for proof, attaching a screenshot of my own account. Excuse me to not have many fans because I stopped using it a long ago.

Screenshot of my own account. You can see the all new Verified Account badge in my TikTok profile.

So in short words, all the crowned accounts or users will now be having this badge instead of having crown and a orange tick in the profile picture when you see the notification from their side.

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