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What is 1MillionAudition

It is the program that held by TikTok India. TikTok will give you massive inbound and outbound resources to discover musers talent and help them to grow their influence, to reach 1 million likes and 1 million fans on TikTok.

 Join 1MillionAudition

There is no registration for 1MillionAudition, Everyone can join this battle, everyone Can participate in any category. All you need is TikTok account.

How to Enter

To join auditions you have to post videos under designated hashtag and the content of the video should be related to any of the 6 Category.

If you have a TikTok account then make sure that you also have the Instagram account, when you share your video o Instagram there are more chances to get featured.

Submit (video) through the TikTok app. using the hashtag #1millionAudition and with the hashtag related to the specific category.

During the Audition, the automatic feature system will feature at least 20 good performance videos under each category every day. At least 120 videos will get featured among all 6 categories every day.


Each participant can win maximum 3 prizes under one category, up to 5 prizes in total among all categories. (For example, A participant has 10 featured videos under the different categories and 5 of them are in the top 50s among its categories, so he/she could win 5 prizes in total)

You Can also win Crown what are you waiting for go and participate

Check 6 tips to win 1Millionaudition

Please don’t spam the hashtags and only post relevant videos under the category you choose.

Check  5 stupid things that can kick you out from the audition.

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Any kinds of fake likes are not tolerated! If you find any participants who are using fake likes to win the audition, please submit the report form to the TikTok team. Once verified, the participant will be disqualified from this audition.

Anyone who is active on any other similar short video platforms will be removed from this Audition with immediate effect, with the exceptions of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Snapchat


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6 Tips to win 1MillionAudition

6 Tips to win 1MillionAudition

Role of Category in 1MillionAudition