Who are featured Muser?

TikTok is growing tremendously. It has 200 million registered muser and everyone wants to be featured user of TikTok

What is Featured TikTok?

When your Musically video is featured then it will appear on the wall of muser who is not following you, you will get lots of likes and comments on your video and by the help of featured TikTok, you also gain lots of followers. If you want your Musically will be featured, start posting good content videos and make videos in good lighting, use proper camera angles.

What is featured Muser?

Featured muser and featured Musically are different things. when you are featured Muser then your profile are on the top of all searches.

When new person joins Musically then your profile is shown to the user to follow, all your videos will be featured.

When you are featured Muser you don’t have to wait for featured Musically.

When you have lots of likes and comments and when you are on the top of all lists of Musically (Content, fans, likes,) Musically will notice your profile and featured You.

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