You Should Make #bottleCapChallenge video right away!

you might have noticed that all the big celebrities are doing this challenge. I don’t know how and who started this #bottlecapchallenge but it is going viral and the craz is still on!

If you are one of the rising creator or want to grow your audience even more than make sure you participate in this #hashtag.

So far, #bottlecapchallenge has gathered more than 260+ Millions views on TikTok alone.

I have seen so many Bollywood stars doing this challenge. not limited to, Badshah, honey Singh.

I believe this is one of the golden chance. You should not miss the opportunity and make a good #bottlecapchallenge.

Viral Bottle Cap Challenge on TikTok

How to make #BottleCapChallenge Video on TikTok?


You only need a bottle to make bottle cap challenge video.


I know most of you don’t care about the story but trust me it works!

if you are handsome, charming dude then you can do as you please but if you a normal guy like me, I will suggest to take some time and try to be creative.

I have seen many #BottleCapChallenge videos and after analyzing the pattern,

I can say that the funny content is performing way more better than any other genre.

Honey Singh doing #bottlecapchallenge on TikTok

Simple round kick thing: it won’t work!

You can use Slomo effect in your video to make it more interesting and add a funny element. even as a celebrity. Honey singh and many other stars did the same to get the attention.


Use interesting sound. I really liked how Honey Singh used his own first mainstream song #khadke glassy for the video. Very creative!

spend some time and find a best sound for your next viral TikTok video on #bottlecapchallenge


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